About us

GREEN AXXE is a European platform that develops the skills and initiatives dedicated to fostering renewable energies. Thanks to an effective network, the platform is at the cutting edge of new technologies and R&D in the field of energy transition. It is based on the principle that planning and anticipation are better than responding to economic and industrial change.

The green energy boom is not only evident but also growing faster than predicted. The IEA (International Energy Agency) revised its latest report and increased its projections by 13%. According to the new figures, renewable energies will account for 28% of electricity generation in 2021, compared to 23% in 2015.



A Third Industrial Revolution

According to the American economist Jeremy Rifkin, we are currently seeing the beginnings of a Third Industrial Revolution (TIR), which is based on one observation: the planned disappearance of hydrocarbons.

To address this shortage in the future, the TIR will focus on three pillars: sustainable energy development, storage technologies (including hydrogen), and smart energy networks. This combination of new communication tools and alternative energies will help to build a “low-carbon economy”, which has become an international priority since COP21.

The dramatic rise of “green bonds”

Investments in “cleantech” (technologies that foster low-carbon energies) are growing exponentially and now cover a wide range of sectors. Even big oil (including super majors BP, Total and Eni) has launched a “green fund” worth one billion dollars over 10 years.

The Luxembourg Exchange, the world leader in “green bonds”, has already attracted 25 international bond issuers with a total value of 45 billion dollars.