Solar Car highlights emerging tech

The Durham University Solar Car is a project created by the Durham University Electric Motorsport (DUEM) team to highlight the capabilities of emerging technology.

The DUEM team’s car, which weighs 200kg and can reach a speed of 120km/h has competed in several international competitions. These include the World Solar Challenge, an endurance race that brings together 50 solar-powered vehicles every summer in the Australian outback to compete in a rally over 3000 kilometres between Darwin and Adelaide.

DUEM was founded in 2002 and as well as taking part in challenge events, its car has also been displayed at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP22) in Marrakech, Morocco.

Dr David Sims-Williams, DUEM’s Faculty Advisor, in Durham University’s School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, said: “It is great to see our students putting what they have learned into practice to tackle the key challenge of transport energy. The Durham University Solar Car points the way to the development of high-efficiency vehicles, whatever their power source.

“The solar car project brings together Durham’s commitments to world-changing research, education which enriches society and opportunities for unrivalled student experience. We are really proud of the leadership and teamwork demonstrated by our students in pursuing this endeavour.”